Art for Your Office

We are very aware of the power of perception when it comes to art.  Every visitor will form an impression of your organization and your offices, as will every employee.  Your art must not be perceived as being "expensive" - clients might think that's where their money is going, and employees might view art as competition for their next raises.  Expensive art collections are not appropriate in today's cost-conscious business climate.  Bare walls also convey the wrong message.  We will help you stay sensibly in between these extremes, and help you wake up your walls, so that you enjoy a continuing return on your art investment.  Side effects may include happy employees.

          Every reception area needs to project a
          professional image for visitors and staff.

Attracting and retaining great employees is an important goals of any organization.


  Environmental psychology:

        what's in it for you?

The fine art by Wayne Hill is widely enjoyed in both public and private settings.  From corporate headquarters to leading healthcare facilities to Dulles Airport terminals, art from HILL is a living testimony to the benefits of environmental psychology.  HILL clients have many stories of improved morale, stress reduction and sales support.  More than 95% of HILL clients have engaged HILL on a repeat basis.  Skillful use of artwork is one of the most cost-effective productivity and retention resources for firms striving to be the employer of first choice.

Whether you are racing to make a deadline 
or hoping the network will come back up
before your presentation, art from HILL
is a wonderful antidote to stress . . .

In an executive office, Wayne Hill's framed photographs will provide a wonderful window that is always there for you.  And the weather is always terrific!

Coping with Cubicles

The business environment today is anything but friendly.  It is deadline-driven, cost-conscious, stress-inducing, and globally competitive.  Corporate leaders are searching for ways to enhance productivity, reach and maintain a high level of morale, and not spend a penny more than necessary in the process.

There is a significant relationship between the office appearance and productivity levels.  The HILL design strategy is grounded in the science of environmental psychology, which addresses the impact of the workplace environment on the mind. HILL helps improve productivity of employees, and their mental state after they leave the office.

Art is often considered an amenity, yet becomes a cost-efficient human resources tool when it increases productivity and retention.  There are lots of bare walls in offices.  The lucky ones are given to HILL to be put to work.